A call out for donations – stock reducing

29th February 2024

The March data is in and shows that in the month we sent out 5.9t of food but only received 5.3t of donations. We were similarly around 5-700kg down in January and February, meaning that since the start of the year we are around 1.8t lower than at the start of the year.

This reduction is despite receiving nearly 300kg of chocolate and Easter Eggs in March.

Our weekly needs are always on Facebook, or on this site. If you use the Bank The Food app, that will show you when you are in store exactly what we need.

But no more beans please… we are now at 2.3tonnes of beans! That’s 15% of our total stock in beans alone, and they only make up <10% of a food parcel. So thank you, but we are ok for beans at the moment!

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