Our partner organisation Citizens Advice York is hiring

15th February 2024

One of our partner organisations, Citizens Advice York, has been contracted to provide an advisor to Foodbank openings and the main position for this instrumental role is currently vacant. The advisor has been instrumental in helping clients to move forwards and access help and support to improve their circumstances.

Citizens Advice York is looking to recruit for a 22 hour/week paid role, covering Foodbank openings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and with additional hours for follow up work and case notes. We believe this would be a fantastic opportunity for the right person to make a profound impact on people who are in need of help, plus it would mean working in a Foodbank context (please note: this is not a role working for the foodbank).

Please consider if you might know anyone who might be interested in this role and consider sharing the opportunity which is downloadable via the link here:

The job description is available here:

Any previous experience or training with Citizens Advice would be advantageous. Training can be provided for the successful candidate and would take place over a three-month period.

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