How to ensure that your foodbank gets what it really needs… use the BanktheFood app!

25th January 2024

BanktheFood is a registered charity with an app to ensure food banks always have exactly what they need and not just baked beans. Its app is free to use (and they say it always will be!)

BanktheFood is very simple to use. Once you have downloaded the app from the app store and followed the install instructions, it is simple.

You follow your local food bank (that’s us, York Foodbank), and the app will send you a helpful ‘ping’ with a reminder of our needs when you are shopping in your local supermarket.

You can then choose exactly what you would like to donate and leave your donation in our collection box at the end of your shopping trip.

We will then be alerted via the app of your (anonymous) donation making it easier for us to track and locate items that we really need (and ensure our van picks up the donations as soon as we can!).

So, our advice is, use this helpful app to plan your donations. Thanks in advance!

Bank the Food website link

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