Thank you for your support. Happy Christmas (…we’re back 2nd January)

19th December 2019

At York Foodbank we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has donated food in the run up to Christmas this past month. The response this year from individuals, schools, churches and local businesses has all been amazing. So too have those who have volunteered collecting and sorting food donations!

You all know who you are: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Thanks to your generosity we have been very well stocked in everything which we have needed, and have been working hard to help families and individuals in York who need it this Christmas. Although it is sad and wrong that people continue to be unable to afford to put food on their tables, we can at least help to stop people from going hungry. Our distribution sessions will run as normal up to 23rd December. You can find our opening times over Christmas and New Year here, or click here for our normal opening times and locations.

Our Warehouse will now be closed for the purposes of receiving food donations from today over Christmas, but we’re back on 2nd January.

Wishing everybody a happy and blessed Christmas, and peace and joy in the coming New Year.


Adam Raffell

York Foodbank Project Coordinator

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